Rental Policy

Hocking Hills Premier Cabins Booking & Rental Policies
OFFICE: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily. 740-380-3242


General Info
• You must be at least 23 years old to reserve a 2 to 6-person rental and at least 25 years old to reserve a 7+ person rental.
• A valid photo ID is required to reserve a rental.
• Your online reservation is not guaranteed until it is confirmed by Hocking Hills Premier Cabins.
• All applicable lodging and sales tax will be added to rental rates.

Minimum Stay Requirement
• Weekdays and Weekends: 2-night minimum stay required.
• Holidays: 3-night minimum stay may be required.
• Single night reservations: May be available on a limited basis and will include an additional cleaning fee based on rental unit and number of guests.

Check-ins will not be scheduled on the actual holiday. We recommend calling us to confirm holiday rates, requirements, and restrictions.
The following holidays are subject to Peak season weekend rates and require a 3-night minimum stay:
• New Year’s Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• week of Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Day
• week of Christmas & Christmas Day
• week between Christmas & New Year’s Day

• 10% on stays 5 nights or longer unless the rental dates include a holiday.
• 5% to AAA members.
• 5% to active military members.
• Discounts apply to the rental fee only. Security deposits are not discounted.
• Discounts may not be combined nor applied to special packages, winter rates, or already reduced rates.
• A photo ID card or other ID approved by us may be required to receive discount.

Methods of Payment
• A major credit card is required to secure your reservation and must be in the name of the person making the reservation.
• The credit card will be kept on file for use in the event of any property damage or excessive fees.

Security deposit will be refunded to the card on file.
• We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
• We do not accept debit cards or checks.

Security Deposit & Rental Payment
• A refundable security deposit is required for all rentals.
• The security deposit and 50% of the total rental cost including taxes is due upon reservation.
• Balance of rental cost is due 30 days prior to the arrival date.
• Reservations changed more than once are subject to a $25 handling fee.
• Security deposits will be refunded to the credit card on file within 7 days of check out, provided there is no property damage or missing inventory.
• Hocking Hills Premier Cabins reserves the right to deduct costs incurred for extra cleaning, damages, or items missing from unit from the security deposit.

Security deposits are based on size of rental:
• 2 to 6-person cabin - $250
• 7 to 14-person cabin/lodge - $300
• Tree Tops Lodge/Family Fun Barn - $500
• High Point Lodge - $750

• All events (weddings, receptions, student groups, house parties, live bands, DJ’s, etc.) must be approved in advance, at the time of reservation, by Hocking Hills Premier Cabins management.
• Guests found in violation of this policy may be asked to vacate the rental and will forfeit remaining monies.
• For approved events, the booking guest must meet the age requirement, be present at the event at all times, and will be held responsible for any problems.
• Additional fees and a larger deposit may apply depending on the location, duration of the event, and number of guests.
• At our discretion, we may require an employee of Hocking Hills Premier Cabins be present.

• 90 days or more prior to the arrival date will received a 100% refund less a $75 processing charge.
• 30-89 days prior to the arrival date will receive an 80% refund of the total rental cost.
• 14-29 days prior to the arrival date will receive a 50% refund of the total rental cost.
• 13 days or less prior to the arrival date will receive no refund.

We will make every effort to secure a new reservation for your rental dates. If secured, we may issue you an
additional refund.

• Refunds will not be issued due to weather conditions or for early departures.
• Refunds will not be issued in the event of mechanical failures, absence of any item, or for public utility problems.
• Our rentals are located in wooded areas and are treated regularly for insects and other woodland pests.
  Refunds will not be issued for sightings or problems related to such.
• In extenuating circumstances, we reserve the right to transfer you to similar accommodations. If it is necessary for us to cancel your reservation due to no fault of yours, monies will be refunded.

• Personal pets are permitted in specific rentals only and must be approved at time of reservation.
• Guests with pets will be charged fee of $25 per pet per night.
• No more than 2 pets are permitted in a rental.
• Discovery of an unauthorized pet will result in a $200.00 non-refundable fee charged to the credit card on file.
• The booking guest will be held responsible for approved pets and must ensure pet waste is disposed of properly.
• Pets left unattended inside the rental must be in a secure kennel.
• Pets must be on a leash when outside and under control at all times.
• Pets must be well-mannered and housebroken.
• The following breeds and mixes are not permitted: Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls
• Pets are not permitted on the furniture.
• Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
Documented service animals are permitted free of charge.

• Check-in time is 3:00 pm for cabins and 4:00 pm for lodges.
• You will be given access instructions approximately 2-4 hours prior to arrival and after polices are signed.
• If an early check-in or late check-out is requested or occurs, additional fees may apply.
• Check-out time is 11:00 am for all rentals.

• Property walkthroughs are $50, by appointment only, limited to one hour, and payable in cash prior to the walkthrough.
• Equipment failures and problems with the rental must be reported immediately. Service will be provided as soon as possible.

• Remove all items from the refrigerator and wipe clean.
• Ensure the stove top and oven are left in clean condition.
• Load and run the dishwasher.
• Leave linens on the beds.
• Place towels in the bathrooms.
• Place all trash in secured trash bags in the outside trash containers with lids latched in place. Loose trash in the outdoor containers may a $75 cleaning fee.
• Pick up any loose trash around the outside of the property.
• Set thermostats at 60 degrees if heat is on and 78 degrees if AC is on.
• Lock doors and windows upon exiting and return keys to the lockbox. Lost keys are subject to a $25.00 replacement fee.
• A $50.00 per hour excessive cleaning fee will apply to rentals left in poor condition.

• Fireworks and other explosives are prohibited and may not be brought on premises.
• Shooting guns of any kind is prohibited. This includes paintball guns, air guns, BB guns, etc.
• Hunting is prohibited.
• Loud music or excessive noise is prohibited. Quiet hours are 10 pm to 9 am.
• Illegal drugs and activities are prohibited.
• All minors must be under parental supervision.
• Use of ATVs is prohibited on our properties. Any ATVs on the premises must be trailered while on our property.
• Tents, campers, or additional outdoor equipment are prohibited.
• Fires outside the provided fire pit are prohibited.
• Placing cans, glass or plastic trash in the fire pit is prohibited.
• Movement of furniture inside or outside is not permitted.
• Candles and open flames are not permitted inside the rentals.
• Guests are prohibited from publicly disseminating of any kind, through any means, any video, photographic broadcast, reproductions of property or anyone’s activities while on the property. Guests shall indemnify
and hold harmless the owner, its agents from any claims, liability, expenses, or damages relating to such broadcast or reproduction.
• If failure to comply with regulations listed above results in a call to the local authorities, it could result in an early termination of your stay with no monies refunded.

• Smoking is prohibited inside any of our rentals.
• Discovery of smoking inside a rental will result in a $400 fee charged to the credit card on file.
• Smoking is permitted outside. Please dispose of butts in the cigarette receptacles provided. DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground.

• Bed linens and bath towels are provided. Bring additional towels for hot tub and/or pool use.
• Kitchen cookware and utensils are provided. Napkins, salt/pepper, condiments, coffee, filters, and coffee supplies are not provided.
• We provide an initial supply of kitchen trash bags, outside trash bags, paper towels, bathroom tissue, dish soap, dishwasher soap, and hand soap. You may wish to bring additional quantities.
• Personal care items such as shampoo, bath soap, and hair dryers are not provided.
• If the rental is for 3 days or longer, and includes washer and dryer use, High Efficiency laundry detergent will be required.
• If the rental is for 3 days or longer and trash service is needed, just contact our office or you may use the dumpster or large trash containers that are on the property.

• Gas or wood-burning fireplaces are not for use April 15 - September 1.
• Damper must be left open when fireplace is in use.
• Fire pits are provided. You are responsible for supplying wood, starter logs, etc.
• Wood on the ground may be gathered but cutting of any wood on the property is prohibited.
• Any fire, inside or out, must never be left unattended.
• Flashlights are not provided.
• All rentals are equipped with a charcoal grill.
• You are responsible for providing charcoal, foil, starter fluid, and lighter.

• Please adhere to occupancy standards posted on each rental description. These standards, set by state and local code, cannot be exceeded. Occupancy count applies to all guests regardless of age and includes
• If additional guests are discovered, occupancy rates will be applied and could result in early termination of your rental with no monies returned.
• Visitors to rentals are not permitted without management approval.

• Due to frequent water changing and sanitation requirements, the hot tub may not be fully heated upon arrival.
• Hot tubs heat ~ 5 degrees per hour.
• Keep the cover on when not in use to maintain proper temperature.
• Do not use the hot tub at temperatures exceeding 104 degrees.
• Jet speed and temperature may be adjusted; no other settings should be changed.
• Please shower before and after hot tub or pool use to remove lotions, dirt, and chemicals from your body.
• Do not add bubble bath or bathe in the hot tub and/or pool.
• Do not have glass containers in or around the hot tub and/or pool.
• Do not leave children unattended in or around hot tubs and/or pools.
• Do not sit, stand, or lay on hot tub covers. If damaged, replacement cover charge is $400.
• Hot tubs left excessively dirty may be subject to a cleaning fee of $100.
• A small cup of sanitizer will be left in the cabinet above the range for each night of stay. Please sprinkle 1 cup each evening after using tub, turn on the jets and close the cover. The jets will turn off automatically.
• The floater inside the hot tub contains sanitizing bromine tablets. It may be removed during tub use. Please replace whenever the tub is not in use to maintain sanitation process.
• Please contact our office if the hot tub becomes cloudy and we will service it during your stay.
• Hot tubs and/or pools may fade or stain bathing suits. We recommend rinsing after use. We assume no responsibility.
• Additional requirements are posted by hot tubs and pool. All guests must abide by them.

• Roadways in the Hocking Hills area are well maintained but can be curvy and steep.
• Our rentals have gravel driveways, and some are long and/or have steep grades.
• Although we plow, driveways may still be snow-covered and icy.
• We recommend four-wheel drive when possible, especially during the winter. Please use caution as we do not pay for towing fees.

• Our rentals have wells and the water may contain high mineral content or Sulphur. You may prefer to bring bottled water.
• Our rentals have septic systems. Flush only bathroom tissue. The system will not handle tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc. If the septic system is clogged due to any of these items, additional fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

• Cell phone service cannot be guaranteed in all Hocking Hills areas.
• If the rental has WIFI or Satellite TV, please understand signals in the Hocking Hills area are not as strong as metropolitan areas.
• Please call our office if you encounter a problem with the WIFI or Satellite TV. We cannot issue refunds due to service provider issues.

• All guests are responsible for securing their personal property in and around the property.
• Hocking Hills Premier Cabins is not responsible for damage or theft of any guest’s personal property or vehicles at our properties.
• Items of value left behind will be removed from the rental and stored for 30 days. It is the guest’s responsibility to contact us and to pay for any shipping and handling charges incurred to return the item.

Hocking Hills Premier Cabins maintains their properties with the utmost care and highly regards guest safety. All guests are responsible for their own actions during their stay and agree to indemnify and hold Hocking Hills Premier
Cabins and the property owners harmless in the event of any accident or occurrence in or on the premises. Hocking Hills Premier Cabins reserves the right to change the booking and rental polices at their discretion.
By confirming your reservation online and, or signing this document, you acknowledge you have read and accept the rental policy agreement as outlined above.